Are you afraid of pushing the wrong
button on your RV?
Picked up a manual only to find
yourself lost in engineering jargon?
We created the book RV'ing Made Easy to save you the
very expensive lessons that come from the RV learning
curve and frustration that is created when learning to use
your RV. This book will bring you more understanding,
confidence, and fun in using your RV.
RV'ing Made Easy
Geramy and Krystal Rapp said, "As two first-time RV users, we would have
been completely lost without this book! Flipping through the pages was as
easy as having a conversation with a good friend and as informative as the
most involved instruction manual."


Dave in Spokane said, "Best tool I’ve ever had and I ended up reading it front
to back. It is down to earth, common sense, everyday language help. I couldn’t
put it down and couldn’t believe the number of things I was doing wrong and
am now doing right. Seasoned RVers can even learn from this book."
Learning to use your RV can be overwhelming. While
many of us are experienced with appliances at home and
have been camping many times, an RV is in a whole
world of its own!

We are a mother and daughter team that learned every
lesson on how to use our RV the hard way. Stubborn
and strong-willed, we hit the road totally clueless about
how the multi-powered, fussy fridge operated- or the
proper order and techniques of dumping that would save
us time and money later.

We both are self-taught smarty pants that have full
confidence in our skills of figuring everything out on our
own. While the technique of teaching ourselves works
great for learning to drive a 4-wheeler, camping, or using
a saw in the shop, it is an expensive and downright
embarrassing way to learn RV'ing!!